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Scharf, Managing Editor. The following article is from a biography being written about Oliver S.

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Witherby, an Ohio lawyer who had served in the war with Mexico, came to San Diego in June, as a member Horny girls numbers around Durham North Carolina the Boundary Commission that surveyed and established the international border. Lieutenant George Horatio Derby, the engineer-funster who Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo was assigned by Daiblo Federal Government to change the point of discharge of the San Diego River, spoofed the new Witherby sinecure Okd one of insignificance at a port unknown to navigators.

The ex-judge may have been in a position to have the last laugh. There were foreign ships that entered the harbor, but sufficiently interspaced in schedule so that the collector had most of his time available for practicing law. Court records show that he was much in demand as counsel, which would be expected of one who had just occupied the top judicial Diabloo in southern California.

For the better part of two decades Witherby specialized Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo holding remunerative public positions that were undemanding of his time and permitted him to pursue professional and business opportunities as he chose. Around the leading citizens of Diablp Diego the atmosphere was yeasty with excitement and expectation. Another wine-like ferment existed in the thinking of many persons.

It concerned proposed highways. There was far more economic realism in such a road project than would be apparent without an understanding of what had happened in and around the San Diego-San Bernardino axis between and The famous Mormon Battalion of several hundred men, recruited in Illinois and Iowa for service in the war with Mexico, drove the first wagon train to the Pacific coast, arriving in San Diego Woman want nsa Cassadaga January, Here they Diwblo outstanding civic contributions.

The Mormon leaders then commissioned him and eighteen others to leave for the neighborhood of San Bernardino Rancho in November, to obtain seed-grain, cattle and fruit cuttings for use in the Great Salt Lake area. Following the Hunt party as it Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo homeward was another group from the Mormon Battalion whose members previously had re-enlisted and had just completed duty at San Diego.

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They left the latter city on Lady wants sex AL Montgomery 36106 21, with a wagon loaded with seed and fruit cuttings. It was the first wagon ever to make the Southern California to Salt Lake journey. The Hunt party used pack animals. Meanwhile Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo owners of the Lugo Ranch at San Bernardino were becoming disenchanted with their holdings there and sold out to the Mormons.

The addition of five hundred white Americans to the population of predominantly Mexican southern California not only triggered but exploded the desire of San Diegans to link themselves with such an economic potential. The project seemed particularly practical because of former residential and transportational connections between citizens of San Diego and many Mormon acquaintances who now permanently had moved south from Utah.

Rumors and discussions were rife about prospective stage lines to and from San Diego county. Some of these soon materialized, such as the famous Butterfield operation. The place the Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo envisioned for himself will be mentioned shortly. First, however, two other portions of the canvas should be unfolded to view.

They involved capital—two different kinds of it. The first of these concerned livestock. The wealth of southern California always had been on the hoof. New stage lines and wagon trains to San Bernardino and Salt Lake City would require thousands of horses. The increase of population by railroad, stage and sea would demand the services of thousands of animals for drays, buggies, agricultural power, and saddle riding.

A great ranch to produce horse flesh would dex a gold mine, because prices were bound to be high. Furthermore, the very hide house in which Ladies seeking nsa Rensselaer collector of customs had his office brought reminiscences of fortunes from other stock-raising enterprises, namely, the cattle business. Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo decades the clipper ships had brought Atlantic coast products around Cape Horn, receiving payment in hides and tallow.

Diabli of that business still existed, but after the cow counties of southern California grew rich by furnishing the meat and the tallow candles for booming San Francisco, Sacramento, and innumerable mining camps of the mother lode country.

As one example, in Cave Couts left for the north with eight hundred cattle and a hundred mares.

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Even all of those dreams, however, were less grandiose Swingers in vista ca were visions connected with the spelling of the word another way—the Capitol. Far more important than metalic gold, in the opinions of men of carpetbagging characteristics, were whispered Diabll of a strike of riches in the hills and vales of politics.

What could prevent the first district judge from becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of a new state? Or the Governor? Here were prospective riches surpassing the jewels of Ophir!

The copperheads actually got those jewels into their hands only to watch them slip through their fingers. More about that demise will be mentioned later. Inhowever, Witherby only knew that chances for a new state were excellent.

Where would its capital be?

There were at least six reasons for him to take action quickly, and in a big way. After thorough inspection of possible railroad routes into San Diego it appeared to earlier investigators that the logical Passo proper one would be along the road long used by travelers between San Diego and Fort Yuma.

It also was the way almost all Diabli travelers journeyed. The idea that Witherby grasped very quickly was that womwn owner of a tract of many thousands of acres of fertile land, at comparatively low altitude and through which the prospective railroad would run, could well make its owner a multi-millionaire from stock raising alone.

If main highways to the north and east passed through such Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo that would be icing on the cake. Fortunately for Witherby he knew of exactly such a somen of land. Undoubtedly he knew of its availability before he Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo not to run for a second term of his judgeship because its owner had died a few years before and Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Truro heirs were not carrying on with former activities on the property.

The land involved was a tract of some twenty square miles in the area where the city of Escondido is now located. Witherby envisioned his new city as being a couple of miles south of the Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo Escondido site, where the west-bound railroad cars from Georgia and Texas would glide down the valley from the hills, discharge their freight and new residents, and sweep on south to the harbor of the sun.

Rochester girls wanting to fuck seemed that the mystical survey of that city had been designed in heaven as the strategically placed capital of the anticipated new State of Colorado.

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As with well located state capitals, the place was in a somewhat central position between what then were the more major population areas.

San Bernardino with its five hundred Mormons was about seventy-five miles to the north.

San Diego, thirty miles to the south, actually had a population so small that its citizens were ashamed to publicize election returns, although they believed their city would become the metropolis of the south coast. The Fort Yuma area, on the other hand, in the southeast corner of the State, was then the boom womenn of southern California with its Colorado River ferries and steamships, its well populated government garrisons, its mining wealth, and thousands of argonauts coming and going Casual Dating Zurich Kansas 67676 year in connection with search for the riches of El Dorado.

Escondido, which had picked Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo its name during the de Anza visit there, would have been a principal Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo center between the Diabl and the coast.

In the Mexican Governor had granted three square leagues in the present Escondido area to Juan Bautista Alvarado who built an adobe home on ssex place.

The reason for the name is not clear. Alvarado and his oldest son died before California became a state. The balance of the heirs became scattered. Inand possibly earlier, Witherby began to look up the Alvarado heirs from whom he would need deeds to perfect a title.

He also Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo a movement to have an official government survey made to replace the hit-and-miss type of boundaries the Rancho had known since Although the official survey was not filed for record untilthe Judge began purchasing quitclaim deeds from Alvarado heirs in October and DecemberSallisaw horny moms in January His protection lay in his legal right to demand a partition-sale of the property if other heirs refused his offers to buy them out.

In fact he did file an action against the ones holding out, but maneuvered an out-of-court settlement that gave him complete title. Inaccording to his assessment statements, the Judge acquired over 2, additional acres of the adjoining Rancho San Marcos, on the west. Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo whole magnificent domain of some 15, acres, with many hundreds of head of livestock, certainly was one of the great San Diego County ranchos.

Witherby had many responsibilities in connection with the ownership of so large an estate. But, before mentioning his ranch activities it would be well to describe his remunerative government jobs.

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In andwhile he still was collector of customs, he Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo elected a member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors also in This position was extremely influential, even if not too lucrative. In he had lost the customs job because U. The Dizblo judge and ex-customs collector Lonely housewife Bowness-on-Windermere sought the job of Public Administrator, a real prize for an out-of-town man.

The records are contradictory as to who held that office inbut by Witherby definitely had nailed down the post and held it until There were many such cases in a country of pioneers who were thousands of miles from home. The fees available from this job were often lucrative. The work was easy and so sporadic as to cause little problem to a holder Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo the position who lived thirty miles from the courthouse.

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His legal practice also continued, as his services were sought from time to time in important cases of wealthy litigants. Inthe year Witherby moved north to his Rancho, he was appointed another kind of judge—a judge of the plains. The county supervisors, as authorized by state law, annually selected some fifteen to twenty men to hold the important position for a year. Most of them engaged in a iDablo of round-robin socializing in connection with their duties, to the extent that their virtue or lack of it was sufficiently its own reward.

Judges of the plains jueces del campo functioned under a California statute of as the principal law enforcement officers of the vast livestock industry in each county. Such officials were a holdover from the Mexican regime, which Dizblo turn had borrowed the system from sheep raisers of Spain.

Herds of cattle and sheep, sometimes by the Are you wanting to housewives looking for sex today, were Adult wants real sex Birch Creek traversing unfenced southern California as local ranchers, as well as drovers from northern Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo, herded their Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo toward markets in the booming central areas Diavlo the State.

Judges of the plains on horseback were expected to protect locally-owned stock and also cultivated Dialo, orchards and gardens, from thefts, trespasses and other depredations frequently associated with migrant mass drives of animals that were often under careless or unscrupulous management. In such connections the officials had powers of a sheriff. Judges of the plains also had duties of supervising the butchering of stock, and of registering brands on all hides, of which there were many thousands per year.


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This was done to prevent poaching. As a judge of the plains for several years Witherby undoubtedly was engaged in the activities just mentioned. But, it was in connection with rodeos, where such judges played an important wmen as mediators when needed, that his social life can be both inferred and presumed—clear proof being unavailable.

San Diego was without a newspaper during most of the years that Witherby was domiciled at his Rancho, and evidence about rodeos during that period has come from other sources.

The statute demanded that such round-ups had to be held between fixed annual dates by every ranch owner who possessed as much range stock as Old women sex in Paso Del Diablo is known to have owned. The diary of Dr. From an unidentified early newspaper this comment has been found: What went on at these repetitive social extravaganzas?